Customer Comments

This page introduces the "voices" of customers who use the China import agency "Makoto".

We have received testimonials from customers who have used our services in all kinds of sales methods, including OEM, ODM, simple resale, no-stock direct delivery, and FBA direct delivery. We hope you find it useful as an image of what you can expect after using our company.

Stockless Direct Delivery Plan

Ms. Shamika Kudo, sole proprietor (32)
I used to use other agents, but I was troubled by their poor inspection (completely different products, different sizes). I looked for a reputable agency and used another agency again, but they were slow to respond. This was the third time for me to use Makoto's service.
When I was using the previous agent, it took about a month on average, but after using Makoto, it took about 10 days on average for my package to reach Japan

. (Of course, it takes longer if the store I buy from is slow in shipping.

It is very helpful that they respond to messages immediately

and in Japanese.
Thank you very much for always responding quickly to my messages without any size or color mistakes.

Thanks to you, our customers are happy to receive the products quickly. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you very much.
Ms. CHIKA HIRAYAMA, Sole Proprietor (24)

中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you for all your help.

I decided to start something new on my own this year and started selling without inventory. When I was looking for an import agency from China, I found out about "Makoto".

When I was just starting out with other import agencies, I often sent e-mails to them asking questions or asking for advice on things that I didn't understand about inventory-free sales, in addition to the import agency service, but they always replied on the same day if it was during business hours, or by the next day if it was after business hours. The word of mouth was better than the company's. I decided to ask "Makoto" to be my import agent because the word-of-mouth was better than the company and the support seemed to be solid.

The system was easy to use even for the first time, as there was a manual on how to use

it. I can see the current status of the products (accepted, ordered, being shipped, etc.), and if there are any issues regarding the products, they will send me a message each time, so I can deal with them with peace of mind.

The speed of replies, the accuracy of inspections, the ease of use of the system, and the prices are all better than other import agents. I am very happy that my first import agent was Makoto. I will continue to use your service in the future.

Sole Proprietor Aoi HASEGAWA (26)
Thank you for all the business you do.
I have been doing business with you since this summer, and I am still using your service this December. I will continue to use your service next year for now. I started out as a trial because I thought I would have to try trading first, but I have continued to use your service.
Whenever I have a problem, I send a message and usually get a response the same day, which is very helpful. I also think that the PC system is easy to use. When I place a new order, I don't have to fill in any more fields than necessary, and I appreciate the function that automatically extracts candidates when I enter the URL for the price and color

. Some other companies do not have this feature. I also appreciate the fact that the images of the products are automatically displayed.

I also like the fact that when I apply for a deposit, it is reflected immediately and I can immediately place an order

. Speed is an important factor. There is also an app, so I can use it to check something on the go.

Ayumi Yoneda, Sole Proprietor (40)

中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you for all your help.

We have been using your company for more than half a year now. We have been using your company for more than half a year now. We have been using your company for more than half a year now.

At first, I had a hard time selecting sellers to place orders with, but after placing orders according to the instructions in the manual, my orders became available, and now I am almost always able to place orders with you. We are able to purchase at a low price, and most importantly, the products are delivered to our customers quickly.

We focus on getting our products to our customers in a timely manner, so it takes about a week for our products to arrive

. They're also inspected very carefully, so we have zero complaints! Isn't that a great number! That's a great number! I can rely on you.

It would be nice if we could use all of their products, but there are many times when they don't have the product in question, so we can't help it. However, it would be nice if all the products were available, but there are many cases where the relevant products are not available. (Sweat)

Makoto" has been a great supporter of our store and has contributed a lot. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Ms. Yuka Koyanagi, President, Great Glory Corporation (40)

中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you for all your help.

It was my first time to choose an import agent and I was full of anxiety at first, but on the recommendation of my consultant, I signed a contract with the Chinese import agent "Makoto". The website of "Makoto" is full of manuals and blogs that are very detailed and easy to understand even for beginners. I also learn a lot about the industry as a whole through their blog.

When I actually do business with them, the response time is very fast, and they are very neat and helpful. I was also surprised at how well the items were inspected and how carefully they were packed. I really like the hospitality of the packaging, which makes me feel happy when I receive it. The quality and service level is good enough to be accepted in Japan, and our customers are very happy with it.

If you are considering signing a contract with us, I highly recommend you! I will continue to do my best to develop with Makoto as a good business partner. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, sole proprietor (66)

中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you very much for all your help and support.

The first time I purchased a product, I was worried about the date and time of arrival of the product, so I had the product sent to my home and checked it myself. As a result, the products that arrived were fine, so I increased the number of products on the sales page, and Corona settled down and orders started coming in, so from the next time, I started having customers send the products directly to me.

It is convenient to know on the web page that the order has been placed and shipped to Japan. Once the package arrives in Japan, it can be tracked by the shipping company's tracking system, so we can answer the customer's inquiries accurately. There have been no complaints after arrival, so I would like to continue doing business with you in the future.

Misaki Hirata, sole proprietor (30)


I am always very grateful for your help.

Before using Makoto, I had been using another company for about a month. I thought it was an analog system that kept updating the spreadsheet, but the person in charge was slow to update the spreadsheet, so I couldn't see in real time what the order status was. In some cases, customers complained that they had to wait for as long as a month because the mail order accounts used by other companies had been frozen. They talked about the account being frozen as if they were the victims, and there was no apology even though we were supposed to be the biggest victims. This experience made me distrustful of Chinese import resale itself, but as I searched the Internet, I found out about your company.

I was told that there was a special system for placing orders with Makoto, and that if I had any questions, please feel free to contact them. From the very beginning, I made several inquiries by e-mail, and I was very surprised and impressed by the speed and kindness of the replies. I was very happy that they were so polite to such a small, sole proprietor who had just started reselling and had only placed a few orders. The system is very easy to understand, the status is updated in real time, and they are open on Saturdays, so I feel the process is fast.

I am still struggling to choose a factory since I have not placed many orders yet. I've been referring to Makoto's blog on choosing a factory, but even if the factory's reputation is relatively good, if there are no reviews, I think it might be out of stock. I'm not sure. I'm looking forward to reading your article on choosing a factory. I also hope that the shipping price hike due to Corona will settle down soon, but you never know with these things. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Ms. Saori Koike, Sole Proprietor (34)


Thank you very much for all your help.

I used to work as an outsourcer, registering products and managing stores in-house. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, I had to spend a lot of time at home, so I decided to try opening my own store and started selling without inventory. This was my first time to do business with Makoto, and I had no idea what I was doing.

The transaction page was easy to understand at a glance, and I could immediately see the status of the products I was buying. The deposit system is also a good way to save time. I've never received any complaints from customers about missing items. We have never received any complaints from our customers about missing inspections.

The international shipping fee is also reasonable, I think. The number of orders has been increasing steadily, and I hope to keep in touch with you in the future. If you have any questions, the support is always available within the same day. I would recommend this company for beginners. The fact that they are open all day, even on Saturdays, is a great help to us as well.

We have just started our business and there are still many things we don't understand, but we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you.

Tomokazu Konishi, Sole Proprietor (24)


Thank you for all your help and support.

I first came across Makoto when a friend introduced me to an agency that sells products without inventory, which led me to use Makoto. There were many things I didn't understand as it was the first time for me to use the service, and I sent many emails to Makoto, but he gave me more suggestions and information than the questions I asked.

I have never used any other agency, but they are very quick to reply to emails and do their best to solve problems. This is the main factor that makes me feel at ease with them. Whenever I have a problem, they respond immediately. Also, I deal with clothing, and I have never received inferior products from Makoto because he inspects the products thoroughly. I think this is a sign that they put a lot of effort into inspection from the standpoint of the end user.

I am very grateful for your support and will continue to use your service.

Ms. Mari Hamada, sole proprietor (62)


Thank you for all your help and support.

I have used several Chinese import agents that support no-stock, but there have been many times when customers have been inconvenienced, and no matter how much I told them, there have been many cases where they have not improved. The following are some of the details.

  1. Low international shipping costs
    Some companies charge 200 yuan per order, but Makoto's is much cheaper, starting at 53 yuan.
  2. Fast response time
    I was a little worried because my previous agent communicated with me via Skype in real time, but he replies to me immediately by e-mail, so I have no problem.
  3. Progress status is clear at a glance
    With other agents, I didn't know the progress of the order, so I was worried until the order was shipped from China.
  4. I can see the tracking number of Yamato when it is shipped from China.
    With the previous agent, I could see the tracking number of Sagawa Express only after it cleared customs in Japan, so I had to check the tracking number many times even after it was shipped from China, which was quite stressful. In addition, there are optional services such as the replacement of laundry tags, etc., and boxes, etc., which other agents could not provide without inventory, and I look forward to using them in the future. I look forward to using Makoto again in the future.
Miki Nemoto, 26, sole proprietor


I am always very grateful for your help.

I have been using other companies to sell my inventory, but when I wanted to sell without inventory, I found Makoto. In the beginning, they carefully explained how to use the service, which was easy to understand and easy to start even for me, a beginner in no-stock selling. It was easy for me to understand and get started.

When I started using Makoto, the time from order placement to shipping was much shorter than I had imagined, and sometimes my customers are surprised to hear that it is so fast. I feel that this is by far the best part of the service compared to other stores that use other vendors.

This time, importing was difficult due to the effects of the coronavirus, but you seem to have several warehouses, so we were really grateful that you did not stop importing completely. In addition, I was able to feel once again how conscientious you are by offering no cancellation fees during such a difficult time. I think you can really tell if a company is good or not by the way they respond to you during these difficult times.

I trust Makoto so much that I refer him to everyone I know. I will continue to use Makoto's services in the future and look forward to working with him again.

Mr. TORII NAOFUMI, sole proprietor (34)


I'm still a beginner, but I've used about four import agents in the past.

So far, I've been having products delivered to me from China, checking the products, and then shipping the products. I did this because I always wanted to have the end-user's point of view, for example, I wanted to get a sense of how long international shipping would take, and I wanted to check the products with my own eyes. I cut threads, ironed, and in some cases even sewed on the sewing machine for the products that arrived from China.

I would like to conclude by saying that I actually used "Makoto".

0. no more work, no more stress!
1. a little more expensive or not much different compared to past international and domestic shipping fees per item. Most importantly, I'm very satisfied considering the reduced work!
2. before, I used to go through the international shipping process and have it delivered at my leisure, but now they send it to me when it's ready!
3. I think the system is sensibly easy to understand in many ways , even for beginners.
4. I had a chance to talk to them directly on Skype before. I was amazed at how sincere they were in dealing with me, such a beginner! In that conversation, I strongly felt that although there are products sent from Chinese sellers with low standards (and many defective products in terms of overall numbers), they are anyway doing everything they can to accommodate the Japanese end user's perspective.

That is why I am planning to ask for help here all the time. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Takenobu Shimamura, Sole Proprietor (52)


(1) I think it has become easier for people to join the club because the initial communication with the club used to be via Skype, but has recently switched to online communication via email. I think this is a good thing, because there are people who feel uncomfortable with face-to-face Skype, and there are also people who have never used Skype in the first place.

(2) Not only do they update the latest information frequently, but they also let you know when they have updated, so you always know the latest information. The information about the new Corona was especially useful.

(3) The top page is full of links that not only benefit the company but also benefit the users.

The reply to my questions is very fast! Thanks to them, I was able to solve my problem quickly.

5) There are Japanese people on the staff, so I feel safe.

(6) When ordering, I was surprised to see that various items were automatically filled in just by entering the URL. It was too convenient. Also, the menu items are easy to understand and handle, from placing an order to shipping, bundling, receiving and paying.

(7) The website is easy to read and understand, without being unnecessarily sophisticated. I feel more secure when there is a large amount of information on a single page. Also, the colors are soothing and easy on the eyes.

(8) The service is good, such as promoting the purchase of masks. I don't think they usually go that far or do that.

(9) When I tried to place an order by comparing the total cost of the product and my balance, there were times when I could not place the order immediately because my balance was insufficient because I did not include shipping and handling charges. I think it would have been better if the screen was a little clearer when ordering.

(10) I thought it was a good thing in terms of risk diversification that there are several locations so that I can explore various ways of handling emergencies.

Mr. Hirotaka Naka (29), Sole Proprietor


Thank you very much for your help.

I have been using several different China agents for about two years now. I had some problems with the inspection, shipping time, and handling of defective products with another agency, and I had some thoughts about it, but I gave up and put up with it, thinking that "all Chinese agencies are the same. I was introduced to Makoto by an acquaintance, and when I tried to use him, all my worries and frustrations were resolved.

The first thing that surprised me was the "direct delivery to the end user," "the fluent Japanese of the person in charge," "the flexibility to deal with unreasonable requests," "the low agency fee and the fast shipping time.

I am filled with regret, thinking how much time I could have saved and how much stress I would have felt if the first Chinese agency I used had been Makoto. (laughs)

We have sent more than 100 direct shipments to end users, but we have never received any complaints. (laughs). We have received good reviews from our customers and are often praised for our shipping time and careful packaging.

I think Makoto is the only choice for those who are confused about which agency to use. I can recommend them from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Ryo Onozuka, Representative of Accessories and Imported Goods, Rys (28)

中国輸入代行誠のお客様 Thank you for all your help.

I have been using Makoto for less than half a year now, and I have been able to make a profit without having inventory because of the no-stock transfer.

I've been using Makoto for about half a year now, and I've been able to make a profit without having any inventory. Before using Makoto, I had about six color boxes of books in my home. I was wondering if I should continue to use your service because it takes up a lot of space in my office and I was concerned about the deterioration of the books.

As a result, the work was done quickly, and although we have only used the service for a few dozen transactions, so far we have received zero complaints from customers, which has led to repeat business!
We are confident that we can do business with this company because they have responded well to our needs, such as being available and accepting orders even during the long vacation season in China.

I am sure that we will be able to increase the number of products that we handle in the coming season, as there will be demand for summer clothes.
We hope to have a long-lasting relationship with you in the future.

Ms. Sonoha Tajika, Sole Proprietor (23)


Thank you very much for your help.

Before I started using Makoto, I had been using another agency. However, when there was a problem or an unforeseen situation, I called them and was told that there were no staff who could speak Japanese at the moment. Mr. Makoto is incredibly quick to respond to unforeseen situations, and his fluency in Japanese allows us to proceed with our work with peace of mind. It is very reassuring to know that we can communicate with him at any time. I also trust her because she listens sincerely to my suggestions on what I would like to be able to do.

In addition, the delivery time is much shorter than before because of the direct delivery service. I appreciate the fact that they are thinking about how to shorten the delivery time. After all, shipping from China to Japan takes a long time, and we wanted to avoid taking a long time in the purchasing stage. We often run out of stock, so smooth communication about stock-outs can shorten the delivery time until the product is delivered to the customer. We are very grateful for this smooth communication.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ayumi Isshiki, Sole Proprietorship (41)

中国輸入代行誠の利用者 Thank you for all your help. This is Isshiki.

I've had a lot of experiences with other agents, such as delays in delivery, sudden cancellations, lack of communication, and defective products being shipped as is. I've had a lot of experiences with them. Every day, I was filled with anxiety and stress, wondering when the package from China would arrive. In the midst of all this, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use the Chinese import agency "Makoto".

The fluency of the Japanese language and the careful handling of everything from order placement to shipping have given me a sense of security that is completely different from the services provided by other companies that I have used in the past. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with you and feel that I can trust you with my business.

We have entrusted everything from ordering to inspection and shipping to you, and we have never had any complaints from our customers. We have never had any complaints from our customers. We are very grateful for the service and the price. I am very happy to have met you. I am very happy to have met you. We look forward to working with you as our business partner for many years to come.

Mr. UMEZONO BUNPEI, Sole Proprietor (34)

中国輸入代行誠の利用者 I used to use other import agents until now. We often received comments from our customers such as "when will the goods arrive" or "have they arrived yet?

We thought about sending the products directly from the import agent we were using to our customers to see if we could deliver the products faster, but the packaging of the products we received was messy, and sometimes the bags were torn or the buttons on the products were missing. I was wondering what to do, when an acquaintance told me about Makoto.

Since then, we have been able to shorten our delivery time without receiving any complaints about delivery time or quality. This is thanks to Makoto's thorough inspection, packing, and shipping services. Since we can leave the direct delivery to Makoto, we are free from the inspection, packing, and shipping work, and can spend more time on other tasks, which is very helpful.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mr. Kimitsu Marumo, Representative of RAYMOND INTERNATIONAL (23)

中国輸入代行誠の利用者 I am truly grateful for the help of Makoto.

Makoto is an import agent for professionals. I myself am aiming to become a professional in the online product sales industry, and I believe that there is no other import agency partner like Makoto.

Before I met Makoto, I had been working with other import agents, but I was troubled by the completely different delivery speed, the lack of Japanese language skills, and the various hassles involved in the process from order to shipping. However, Makoto's delivery speed was about 10 days, communication in Japanese was perfect, and the only thing we needed to do was to input the order list.

I am very satisfied with this part of the service, but I would like to add the following points: "Knowledge and career in logistics," "Knowledge and career in suppliers," "Representative's own track record in the product sales business," "Ability to ship directly to customers in Japan and delivery speed," and "Politeness in responding to consultations. I feel that he is very good at these points. Mr. Makoto is a very professional person, and he makes me think that I should become a professional as well, so that I can build a deeper partnership with him.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to work with Makoto. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mr. Hiroshi Hiramoto, President, SSC Corporation (42)

中国輸入代行誠のお客様 It's been four months since I started my import resale business. Even though my sales have been increasing little by little, the import agent I dealt with at that time was slow from order to delivery. In addition, it was common for items to arrive wrinkled. Due to my inexperience, I was busy with the daily tasks of product arrival, inspection, ironing, and shipping. Under such circumstances, there was no way I could get good reviews from customers, and I often received harsh evaluations. (Of course, I also lacked a lot of skills in selecting suppliers, etc.)

Then, an acquaintance introduced me to Makoto. (Of course, I also lacked a lot of skills in selecting suppliers. We had a brief meeting via Skype that day, and I was so impressed with their sincere and prompt response that I decided to introduce the system immediately. Even after the introduction of the system, the company proactively gives us advice on choosing the right stores to purchase from. Also, the shipping service is direct to the customer in Japan, and the inspection process is very thorough, which saves us a lot of time and money. If the shipping destination is Okinawa, we can voluntarily change the shipping method, which will greatly reduce our costs, and as a result, we can provide our customers with products at a more reasonable price.

In the future, I will use the time I have saved to provide better products to more customers. I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking up the challenge of import resale. Inquire before you hesitate!

Ms. Makiko Abe, Representative of M Ambassadors (49)

When I started importing goods from China, the first problem I encountered was which agency to use. At first, I used an agency that I was told to use, but they were slow in getting the goods from the order to the agency. There were various problems, such as the fact that the company claimed to be able to speak Japanese, but was only able to speak a few words of Japanese and was unable to communicate with customers. It took us about three weeks to deliver the products to the customers.

When I was getting used to importing into China, I was introduced to Makoto.
I was in heaven! First of all, it is possible to follow up with them via Skype, they speak Japanese and can communicate at the level of Japanese common sense, I can ask them questions about Chinese imports

, they can send the goods directly to the customer, which saves me the trouble of shipping, and the time it takes to reach the customer is short and accurate.

My father, who has been in business with China for a long time, has always told me that Chinese people who work there are really good and trustworthy, and I have met and interacted with several of them directly. Now that I can proceed with my business with peace of mind, I will do my best to make even greater progress.

Ms. Mika Inayoshi (38), Anita.

中国輸入代行誠の利用者 Thank you very much for all your help.

I've been using Makoto for about half a year now, and it's been very comfortable for me.

I have been using Makoto for about half a year now and I am very happy with the service. However, as the number of order requests gradually increased, I could not keep up with them and I was worried that I might make a mistake if I did not do so.

I was worried that I might make a mistake at some point, and that's when I learned about Makoto. Since I started using Makoto, the shipping time has become much shorter, and my customers are very happy. I hope to use Makoto again in the future, so please keep up the good work.

If it is possible, I would appreciate it if the manual search could be made easier, so that beginners can look up various operation methods. Thank you very much.

Mr. Chihiro Tomikawa, Representative of Remora LLC (50)


Thank you for all your help! This is Tomikawa.

I have been dealing with a few import agents, but as others have said, the "messiness" of their products was noticeable, and they could not keep their delivery dates, and even after a week or two had passed since the order was placed, they reported that they did not have any. Some of the vendors who reported to us were still good, but there were others who didn't contact us and told us they didn't have the product in stock until we inquired.

I was introduced to Makoto by an acquaintance around December 2018, but to be honest, my expectations were not high (sorry!). After much deliberation, I contacted Makoto and spoke with him via skype, and he explained the advantages of Makoto so carefully that all my worries were blown away

. The explanation included both advantages and disadvantages! I was convinced that I could build a good relationship with them after I was properly convinced, and since then, I have been using only "Makoto".

I have never had a single complaint about their careful inspection and fast shipping! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Ms. Chisato Misumi, sole proprietor (33)

Thank you for all your help. My name is Misumi. When I first started importing goods into China, I had a lot of anxiety and stress because I could not communicate well with some of the agencies I used. When I was wondering if I would be able to continue doing this, an acquaintance introduced me to Makoto.

The staff at Makoto's were surprisingly fluent in Japanese, which made me feel at ease. They are all very nice people. The staff at Makoto's were surprisingly fluent in Japanese, which put me at ease.

The inspection and shipping speed are also perfect, and I have never received any complaints until now

. If I hadn't found this place, I probably would have given up on Chinese imports. I think you are lucky to have found us from among the many agents. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you in the future.

Seiya Fujimoto, sole proprietor (28)

Thank you for all your help. I used to use another import agent, but the shipping was slow and there were many defective products and it was hard to get in touch with them, so I looked around and found "Makoto".

The shipping is very fast, and the company responds to our questions immediately

. The service is also very sincere, and I can feel that they are thinking about us.

I would like to use your service again in the future. Thank you very much!

Satoshi Suzuki, Sole Proprietor (28)


I am always very grateful for your help.

I have been using Makoto for about two and a half years now. I used to use another company, but they were slow from the time I placed my order to the time it was shipped, and there were a lot of uncertainties.

On the other hand, Makoto's response time from order to shipping was very fast, and we have been getting more and more high praise from our customers even though we have no inventory. Currently, I am using the direct delivery service, and it takes about 10 days on average from the time I place an order. The average delivery time for other companies is 14 to 21 days from the time the order is placed, and many times the delivery time is further delayed when an inspection problem is discovered.

In terms of quality, we use cameras to inspect our products, which reduces the number of defective products delivered to our customers and the defect rate. In addition, we receive quick responses to our inquiries about the status of product shipments, and we also receive information about China and the import business, which is very helpful.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, logistics in China, including Yidori, came to a halt, but since Makoto had a base in Qingdao, we were able to overcome this difficulty by receiving shipments little by little. We were able to keep our customers updated on the status of operations and logistics in China, so we were able to keep them informed of the situation at all times, and it did not lead to any major complaints.

At present, "Makoto" ships directly to the end users without any stock, and the orders are shipped very quickly and beautifully packaged, which is well received by the customers. If there is a shortage of a certain item, you will be able to contact me smoothly and I will be able to use your service. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Simple Resale / OEM / FBA Direct Delivery Plan

Mr. Shintaro Wada, Sole Proprietor (34)

中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you for all your help.

I had used several other agencies before, but I was not satisfied with any of them because of their slow response time and cumbersome inspections. When I was looking for a good place to use, I found Makoto and decided to use him.

Although I have only just started using the service, I feel that I can rely on the fact that the response time is very fast and the problems can be solved immediately. The speed of response is proof that the company cares about its customers, and I believe that we will have a long-lasting relationship with this company.

I believe that if you fail to choose the right agent, you will not succeed in your business. If you fail to choose the right agent, you will not be able to succeed in your business. I believe that Makoto is very trustworthy at present, and I have nothing but high hopes for him as he will continue to grow.

From now on, I would like to conduct my Chinese import business solely with Makoto, and I myself would like to grow and achieve success. Thank you for your continued support.

Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto, Sole Proprietor (27)
中国輸入代行「誠」のお客様 Thank you for the smooth importing process.
I am a Chinese importer and a stockist of online shopping in Japan. I have been doing this for about 6 months. For the first three months, I did the purchasing myself. In my case, I never had any problems such as products not arriving, but there was a language barrier when communicating with Chinese product dealers, and when there was a problem such as out of stock or before shipping, I could not understand the language and there was a time lag. In some cases, it took up to a month to receive the goods. I also experienced unusually high customs fees when the goods arrived.
I was originally looking for an import agency by myself, but when I contacted Makoto through word of mouth and actually contacted him, I was very impressed with the speed and politeness of his response, which was faster and more polite than any other agency

. I have bought about 100,000 yen in about three months since I started using Makoto, and I can now concentrate on selling without any worries or troubles due to the language barrier.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Ms. Mariko Murata, Sole Proprietor (29)


I am always very grateful for your help.

It was my first time to resell in China, but the monthly fee was a bottleneck for other companies, so I was hesitant to compare the websites of many companies until now. However, with Makoto, I was able to start without any worries because they were able to answer all my questions even before I registered. I also appreciate the fact that I can make payment with a deposit.

The member's page and the special application are well designed, so I can order without any mistakes.

When there was a mistake in the order from the Chinese factory, the response was prompt, and the guarantee in accordance with the terms and conditions is another point that I can do business with you with peace of mind. The progress from inventory confirmation to order confirmation is also confirmed and progressed by status! It can be done at our timing and is reliable.

I also receive messages about payment company cash-back events, international flight information, and business recommendations, which saves me the trouble of searching for information on my own when I'm busy with my day job.

China Resale Makoto is an important business partner for me. I will continue to use your service for a long time to come.

Mr. Yoshito Sakamaki, Sole Proprietor (18)


Thank you very much for all your help. I have been using it comfortably.

I have used several Chinese import agents in the past. With another agent, I was dissatisfied with various things such as the length of time it took to ship, the response to my inquiries, and the commission rate. To be honest, I thought that was the way it was with import service companies, but then I happened to find Makoto on the Internet, and since I didn't know what to expect, I immediately sent an email to him, and he replied surprisingly quickly.

I can't go into depth about the speed of delivery because of the current logistical delays caused by the infectious disease, but I can say that the quick response to my inquiry, and the easy to understand order application and fees make it very easy to use, and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to import agency services.

In addition, the website has columns on laws and systems that are useful for importing, which helped me a lot.

I would like to continue working with Makoto in the future.

Mr. Hiroaki Tsuboi (32), sole proprietor

中国輸入代行誠のお客様 Thank you very much for all your help and support.

I have been working with you for a few months now for my Chinese import business. The ordering system is much easier to use than the one I used to use. For example, some companies only allow you to paste CSV files. However, Makoto's system allows us to input data from a dedicated page and, of course, upload CSV files, so we can adapt it to our own operation methods. There is also an application that allows you to easily submit order requests from there as well. In addition, the response time to orders is very fast, so even if the item ordered is out of stock, it can be handled as soon as possible.

You can also resell products without inventory at a reasonable price and make a good profit. As for the time it takes from order placement to delivery, the most recent result was that it took about two weeks for the order to be shipped at the end of March, despite the effects of the coronavirus. Normally, the delivery time is expected to be more than a week, so we have high expectations for the future.

I'm only using it for import resale and no-stock sales, but so far I have no complaints and will continue to use it!

Mr. Fumiaki Mohri, Representative of Airs Style (42)


I have been working with various agencies since I started importing China.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this agency "Makoto" is the most recommended among the many agencies. I've listed the reasons below.

The following are some of the reasons why I recommend Makoto.
1.Fast delivery from order to delivery
2.Payment is by deposit
3.You can have FBA delivery done from plan creation to shipping.
4.You can get 5% return on PayPal payment.

To elaborate on the first item, it takes an average of two to three weeks from order to shipping with other agencies, but with Makoto, the average time I used was about two weeks. I think this one week is significant. The second item is the deposit system, which allows you to make a deposit at the beginning, so you don't have to go through the payment process every time you place an order, which makes it more time efficient. The third item requires you to share the work with AMAZON first, but it will take care of everything from creating the delivery plan to shipping, so it is also more time efficient. For item 4, if you order until June 30, you can get 5% back later, which makes you feel like you've earned it when you see the invoice.

There are also other services such as OEM, no-stock, forwarding from factory to home, factory introduction, etc. I think this site can be used conveniently by a wide range of people from beginners to experienced.

Takashi Masaki, sole proprietor (55)


I am a newbie to personal importing. I decided to buy some products from China for my hobby and some products for resale. It is natural for anyone to want to buy at a cheaper price, so I decided to find out which was more profitable, ordering through AliExpress or using an import agent.

When I placed my first order with Makoto, I found the system confusing and difficult to understand. There were so many things I didn't understand that I thought of cancelling my account and giving up on importing, but with a lot of advice, I managed to make a few transactions. So far, I have placed two orders with the simple resale plan. The items purchased are relatively low unit price products. The prices shown on the Taobao page are attractive, but the calculation of what I actually got for what price is not clear in the end because of the added fees, shipping charges, currency exchange charges, and taxes. For small items, it may be more profitable to order from AliExpress. However, it often takes more than a month for goods to arrive on AliExpress, but "Makoto" arrived quite quickly. If you are in a hurry, I think this is a better option.

Next time, I would like to try to purchase products with a slightly higher unit price using the no-stock transfer plan. My understanding of the system is still very limited, so I would like to learn more about it and gradually be able to make larger purchases. In the future, the system will be replaced by one that is easier for beginners to understand, so I am looking forward to it.

Mr. Yuta Kuwahara (31), Representative Partner, Ryohin Kikaku LLC


I used to ask my personal Chinese partner to act as my import agent, but he went out of business due to the tightening of regulations in China. However, due to the tightening of regulations in China, I had to close my business. At that time, I was fortunate enough to be able to use Mr. Makoto, a Chinese import agent.

When I was working with an individual partner, I was troubled by the unstable rate of defective products, the unstable quality of research on the Chinese side, and the inability to find an OEM factory. In contrast, with the agency "Makoto", we have our products inspected by the desired inspection method, and the defective product rate has been greatly reduced. In addition, there is a service of research on the Chinese side, which is rare among corporate agents, and the results are quick and stable.

Furthermore, they handle everything from selecting OEM factories to negotiations, so we can leave the whole process to them, from carpooling to OEM. The time we save allows us to focus on our most important research. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you.

Mr. Yuta Iizuka (34), Representative Director, Uno Ai Company, Ltd.

中国輸入代行誠の利用者 One of the concerns I had before I started importing from China was the quality of the products I handled and the quality of the Chinese partner staff, not to mention the price, so I was unable to take the plunge even though I was interested. After using China Import Agency Makoto for about half a year, those worries have been wiped away and I am now using the service very conveniently.

First of all, the Chinese staff can speak amazingly fluent Japanese, so there is no stress at all in communicating with them. Also, their senses are similar to those of Japanese people, so even if there is a problem, which is common in the import business, they are very quick to respond according to our feelings.

The service fees are also very clear and reasonable, making them a very reliable business partner. I have researched hundreds of Chinese import agents in my own way, but I don't think there is any other agent that can do everything from product research to delivery at this price, speed, and quality, except for Makoto.

International Forwarding Plan

Mr. HONG YUPY (27), sole proprietor


I run an online shopping site.

I've been using the Chinese import agency "Makoto" to purchase products from China. I've been using the service for about two months now, and I find it very convenient and easy to understand the order application and fees. As an importer, I think you have to consider various aspects, such as whether the company is reliable and whether the products will be shipped safely.

Recently, due to the coronavirus, airlines have reduced the number of flights arriving in Japan, which has resulted in higher international shipping costs. I compared the prices with other Chinese agencies and was relieved to find that the price of the Chinese import agency "Makoto" was very low.

If there was anything else that I didn't understand while using a Chinese import agency for the first time, I would ask questions via e-mail. I have a tendency to ask questions right away when I don't understand something, so I had a lot of questions, but they kindly replied and helped me out a lot. I think there are a lot of things that you need to know about the agency, such as the knowledge you need to know, how long it will take to ship, the price, and other options you want to ask for. The Chinese import agency "Makoto" gave me a good answer, and now I can entrust my products to them with peace of mind.

I am planning to deposit more items in the future. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting Chinese imports for the first time.