It is a voice received from the customer who uses our company.

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Chihiro Akutagawa, President of Remora, LLC (50)

I am always indebted to you!It's Asahikawa.

The import agency had been involved in several cases, but as others said, "the miscellaneousness of the product" stood out, the delivery date could not be kept, and after one to two weeks after the order, the report "was not" entered.The trader who reported it was still a good person, and there was a trader who said that there was no stock only when I inquired from here without contacting it.

"Sincere" was introduced to an acquaintance around December 2018, but honestly expectations were not high (I'm sorry!!)After i was troubled, I contacted Makoto-san and talked to him on skype, and he explained the goodness of "sincere" politely enough to blow away all the anxiety that had come up to that point.The explanation is both advantages and disadvantages!I am sure that I can build a good relationship after being properly convinced, and then I ask for it with one "Sincere" person.

There is not one complaint by polite inspection and early shipment!Thank you in the future!

Sole proprietor: Mr. Ichishiki-step (41)

I am always indebted to you.It is one color.

Until now, many other agents have been shipping defective products as they are, unable to contact them due to product delays, sudden cancellations, and informs them.I've had a lot of experience.Every day, I spent my days full of anxiety and stress when i would receive my luggage from China.In such a situation, we decided to use "China Import Agency Makoto" because of your relationship.

In addition to being able to respond in fluent Japanese, we offer a completely different service from other companies who have used a sense of security because we can respond carefully from ordering to shipping.We are very grateful for our current relationship, saying, "If you are sincere, you can leave it to us with peace of mind."

We leave everything from ordering to inspection and shipping, but there is never a complaint from a customer in our shop.We are very grateful to be able to accommodate you so far with this service and fee.It was nice to meet you.I'd like to say this.In the future, as a business partner of our store, thank you for your long-term relationship.

Sole proprietor UMEZONO (34)

I used other import agents until now.Since the product arrived at home after ordering the product, it took time to deliver it to the customer because it was the flow of inspection, packing, and shipping, and the customer said, "When will it arrive?" I often heard people say, "Can't you get it yet?"

I thought about direct delivery to the customer from the import agent who was using whether it was not possible to deliver the product early, but the goods that arrive here are miscellaneous packing, Because there was a thing that the bag was torn, and there was no button of the product, I thought that there was a lot of anxiety to ask for direct delivery, but I decided to ask you to tell me that there is Makoto from an acquaintance.

Since we asked Makoto to send directly, we have succeeded in shortening the delivery date without receiving a complaint about delivery date and quality.This is also thanks to Makoto's thorough inspection, packing, and shipping operations.Because we can leave direct delivery with peace of mind, it is liberated from inspection, packing, and shipping work, and it is very helpful to be able to spend time on other business.Thank you very much in the future.

Mr. Kimitsu Marumo, President of RAYMOND INTERNATIONAL (23)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your help.

Makoto is an import agent for professionals.I myself am aiming to become a professional in the internet sales industry, so as a partner in the import agency, I think that there is no other person else left Makoto.

Before I met Makoto-san, I asked another agent, but I was worried about the fact that the delivery speed was completely different, that I couldn't communicate well in Japanese, and that there were a lot of labor from order to shipment.However, Makoto's "delivery speed is about 10 days", "communication in Japanese is perfect", "the necessary labor is only to enter the order list here", it is really helpful.

I am very satisfied with this part alone, but as a plus alpha, "knowledge and career about logistics", "knowledge and career about suppliers", "representative's own product sales business achievements", "can be sent directly to Japanese customers and delivery speed" The politeness of the correspondence when you consult with us" I feel that you are very good at such a point.Since Makoto is a very professional, I also have to be professional in both achievements so that I can build a deeper partnership with Makoto.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for working with Makoto-Please continue, thank you.

Sole proprietor Yuji Suzuki (27)

I am always indebted to you very much.
Six months have passed since I was allowed to use Makoto-san.I used to use another company, but there were many parts that were slow and opaque from order to shipment.

We have sent directly to Makoto-san now, but the shipment from the order is very early and the packing state is beautiful, and it has been well received from the customer.In addition, even if a shortage situation occurs, we will respond smoothly to contact and use it with confidence.Thank you very much in the future.

Mr. Hira, Representative Director, SSC Co., Ltd. (42)

It's been four months since I started the import and resale business.Despite the gradual increase in sales, the import agency that was doing business at that time is slow from the order to the delivery, such as sudden shortage contact after two weeks, daily occurrence, inspection also rough, There was a coat with a hole of 10 cm in size arrived under the armpit because of a sewing mistake.In addition, it is natural to reach full of wrinkles.It was a day when it was chased by the product arrival, inspection work, ironing, and shipping work because it was unfamiliar.In such a situation, there was no reason to get a good review from the customer, and there were many severe evaluations.(Of course, I also had an excessive lack of skills, such as the selection of suppliers.))

At that time, I was introduced to Makoto-san by an acquaintance.At first, I made inquiries on the Web with a half-doubt, and there was an immediate answer.On the same day, we had a simple Skype call to make a quick meeting, and we were moved by the sincere and prompt response, and decided to introduce it immediately.Even after the introduction, you can actively advise on the selection of shops of suppliers.In addition, you can send the shipment directly to japanese customers, and you can perform a solid inspection work, so you can save considerable time and reduce costs.For Okinawa, we will voluntarily change the shipping method, and we can reduce the cost of this place significantly, and as a result, we can provide products at a reasonable price by the customer.

In the future, we will strive to provide better products to more customers using the time they have floated.From now on, if you are going to challenge the import resale, it is recommended by all means.Contact us before you get lost!

Sole proprietor Fujimoto Seiya (28)

Thank you always.In the past, I used another import agent, but the shipment was slow, and there were a lot of defective products, so I went to Makoto-san looking for various things.

Makoto is very helpful because the shipment is fast and he responds to questions immediately.In addition, it is underheard that the correspondence is sincere and thinks about us.

I would like to use it from now on.Best regards!

M Ambassador Representative: Yukiko Abe (49)

The first problem I hit when I started importing China was where to use the agency.At first, I was using an agency as it is to be advanced, but anyway it is slow to arrive goods from the order to the agent, and when it comes to the shortage in the end of the wait, it starts over again from scratch, and if you do not write that you ask for inspection, you will send a defective product without hesitation, There were various problems such as not being able to communicate in a broken Japanese while saying that Japanese was possible.And it took about three weeks to really deliver the goods to our customers.

When I got used to importing China, I was introduced to Makoto.
It's already heaven!First of all, it is possible to follow up by Skype, it is possible to communicate in Japanese, and it is possible to understand at the common sense level of Japan, it is possible to ask a question about the import of China, and the trouble of shipping can be saved at once because it can send it directly to the customer, The time to reach the customer must be short and accurate.

I've always heard from my father, who had a long business with China, that working Chinese people work really well, excellent and trustable, and some of them meet in person and interact with each other. I believe that Makoto is a company with such elite people.Now that business can be carried out with peace of mind, I will do my best to make further leaps forward, so thank you very much in the future.

Yuta Hagiwara, Representative Employee, Good Products Planning LLC (31)

In the past, I had asked my individual Chinese partner to take care of imports, but i went out of business due to the strengthening of regulations in China.There is such an edge, and I will use the import agency Makoto of China.

At the time of the individual partner, there was a problem that the defective product rate was unstable, the quality of the research on the Chinese side was unstable, and the OEM factory was not able to be looked for.On the other hand, we have been inspected by the inspection method of hope in the agency Makoto, and the defective product rate has decreased greatly.In addition, there is a rare Chinese research service in the corporate agent, the results are quick and stable.

In addition, we will go from the selection of the OEM factory to the negotiation, so you can leave it to the OEM in one step.I'm able to focus on the most important research I've saved in time.We look forward to your continued relationship in the future.

Ms. Chisato Misumi, sole proprietor (33)

I am always indebted to you.This is Misumi.When I first started importing China, I had some anxiety and stress, such as not being able to communicate well with some of the agency companies I used.When I was wondering if I could get along as it is, I was introduced to by an acquaintance.

The staff were surprisingly fluent in Japanese, and I was very relieved.It is a very pleasant person.There were many times when I was not used to it, but I was taught the business customs of China politely to me of the amateur, and as a result of correcting the way each time, I am using it very conveniently now.

Inspection and shipping speed are also perfect, and the complaint has not come up to now.If I hadn't met him here, I probably would have given up importing China.I think that the person who was able to meet here from among a number of agents is lucky.We look forward to your continued relationship in the future.

Yuta Iizuka, President, Unoeye Company Co., Ltd. (34)

As a concern I had before I started importing China, I was worried about not only the price, but also the quality of the products I handled and the quality of the Chinese partner staff, so I was interested in it, but I couldn't get into it easily.For about six months, I have been using China import agency Makoto, and those fears have been dispelled, and I have been able to use them very conveniently.

First of all, because the Chinese staff can use surprisingly fluent Japanese, there is no stress at all in communicating, and the sense is close to that of the Japanese. In the import business, even if there is a trouble of the thing attached, you can respond according to the feelings of this place very quickly.

Service charges are also clear and convincing, and you can be very trusted as a business partner.I have researched hundreds of Chinese import agents in my own way, but I don't think there are any other agents who do everything from product research to delivery in this amount of money, speed, and quality.



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