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Since 2017, Makoto, a trading company for large and small and medium-sized enterprises that export processed wood products from China to the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., has been established as its main product. Based on the joint operation of Discovery LLC (Japan Corporation), which has a reputation for e-commerce business including retail business on the Internet, we started operation as an import agency service for sole proprietors and startup companies.Currently, we have offices at three locations in Yiwu, Guangzhou and Qingdao in China, and we connect Japanese individual entrepreneurs, large and small and medium-sized enterprises, to Chinese production plants.

Discovery LLC (Discovery LLC)
Co-RepresentativeHan Iiya
Ryuta Sakai
WhereaboutsChina Corporation: Qingdao Europe Nguyen Ying Ying Co., Ltd.
Place of residence: Zhengwu Road, Seong-sheath District, Qingxian City, Shanxi Province, China
OfficeChina: Qingdao City, Shandong Province (simple resale, part OEM/ODM)
China: Guan
gzhou, Guangdong Province (to the United States)
Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province (no stock, some OEM/ODM)
Japan: 273-0112 Higashinakazawa 3-39-6, Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture
Main business activitiesImport/export trade business, Silver accessory wholesale business, Internet retail business, EC consulting business, tool development business, job introduction business
BankChina Industry and Commerce, People's Party of China, China's Co., Ltd., China's Zhejiang Zhengzhou Zhengzhou
Hong Kong Tsuneo Yugyo
Yasukuni HANA, Yasukuni, And Other Countries
Hanahata Shinka-tei
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Japan Post Bank, Rakuten Bank
Capital3 million yuan (approximately 50 million yen)
Email addressmakoto1688 at discovery-10.com
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Contact ushttps://makoto1688.com/contact

Organization Chart

Qingdao Europe Nguyen Ying Ying Co., Ltd. (32 employees)

(1) Representative Director
(2) President's Office
(3) Isamu Hanshi
1General Manager
(2) Headquarters
(3) Huang Ming-chul
(1) Chief
(2) Accounting Department
(3) Zhou Zhou
(1) Chief
2Sales Department
(3) Kim Jong-hwan
(1) Chief
2Qingdao Office
(3) Wang Zheng
(1) Chief
(2) Yiwu Office
(3) Zhao Zhao

Discovery LLC (5 employees)

(1) Representative employees
(2) President's Office
3Ryuta Sakai
(4) Watching soccer
(1) Officers
(2) Accounting and General Affairs
(3) Xu Zheng
4 Making sweets


In 2011August: Established QINGDAO OUYATONG TRADING CO.,LTD as a trading company specializing in wood products for Japan
In 2013November: Start of settlement system development for regular trade
2014March Start of business with Korean companies
April Start of business with U.S. companies
April Start of operation of payment system for normal trade
In 2016July: Established J&J. trading (the predecessor company by the representative of Discovery LLC)
In 2017September: Under the name of "China Import Agency Makoto", we started an import agency service jointly operated by "Qingdao Europe TongY Co., Ltd." and "J&J. Trading"
2018January: Established Discovery LLC, mainly based on J&J. trading.
May Open guangzhou office
October: Opened Yiwu Office
October: Start of accessories business
2019July Release of web ordering system for non-inventory resale
October Releaseof web ordering system for simple resale by stock
October Web ordering system release for users in transfer
November Released smartphone version of the ordering system for unstocked resale

Major partner factories (partial excerpts)

Company NameAddressResponsible for
Qingdao Manho Box Packaging Co., Ltd.Qingdao City, Jinji-ku, Tsuji Kaido, Tsujiya,800, East side of the Clothing Industry ParkBing
Qingdao Leather Goods Co., Ltd.Qingdao City, Jingwu-ku, Ryujo Kaido, No. 789Xu
Qingdao Clothing Co., Ltd.20-12 Zhengzhou Chuji, Zhengzhou District, Qingdao CityKim
Qingdao Guo Ying Ying Co., Ltd.1602 Zhengzhou Road, Zhengzhou District, Qingdao CityHu (Fu)
Bao Yaya Zheng Zhengco Co., Ltd.Qingdao City, Jingwu-ku, Zhaoguang-ku, Zhaoguang 1011Han
Qingdao Dust Ying Co., Ltd.Qingdao City, Zhengzhou Road No. 205 No. 1Wei


「中国輸入代行 誠」をご利用頂くことで、きっと今あなたがお悩みの問題が解決できるはず。当社には、検品所出身のエキスパートや日本の大手企業出身のSEが多数在籍しております。そして何よりも、いつも「誠」の気持ちで誠意をもってお客様のご要望に耳を傾けております。「できないと言う前にまずはやってみる。」これができるのは「誠」だけです。