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    Our frequently asked questions

    What kind of services do you provide?
    1. International Transfer Service: We will relay our warehouses in China and ship your package internationally to your designated country or region.
    2. Factory introduction and brokerage services: We mediate between the factory and your company to support every day from delivery management to international shipping.
    3. Out-of-the-art purchase agency service: We support from inspection to international shipping on behalf of purchase at internet malls in China (Ari Tomoe, Taobao, etc.).
    4. Attendant Service: We will accompany you to your designated factory or wholesale market to support price negotiation and delivery date negotiation.
    5. Translation service: We will translate your designated literature, books, and sites on your behalf.
    What kind of products are you strong in?
    In particular, apparel products.
    We offer proposals for excellent factories that manufacture "women's clothing", "swimwear", "bags", "wallets", "belts", "sportswear", "military wear", "costumes", etc., as well as many transactions between you and those factories.
    Depending on your desired finish and budget, we can also introduce you by factory rank.
    In addition, we have our own factory in Guangzhou and export accessories to Europe and the United States.
    What are the prices?
    By phone, we will ask you about your request and business.
    On top of that, please tell us your budget.
    We will study to meet your wishes.
    How do I pay?
    There are ways to send money overseas (denominated in dollars, denominated in yen) to bank accounts in China, and by transferring money to Japanese bank accounts (Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, Japan Post Bank, Rakuten Bank).
    Which international shipping company is there?
    For Japan, it is Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express. Okinawa and remote islands are EMS. For the U.S., it's DHL. Other countries will arrange upon request.
    What is the volumetric weight index?
    For Japan, there are 5,000 shipping and 6,000 air flights. For non-Japanese flights, both air flights are 5000.
    Can I ship to countries other than Japan?
    Yes. It can be shipped to any country.
    However, due to the effects of infectious diseases, it may not be possible to ship to some countries or regions.
    Can batteries and magnets be shipped?
    Yes. You can ship.
    However, shipping from mainland China is prohibited and will be via Hong Kong.
    Can you tell me which products cannot be ordered before international shipment?
    It is up to the customs authorities to determine whether customs can be made. We also provide information on products that we have noticed from knowledge and past experience, but there is no guarantee that we will guide you 100%. Please do so at your own responsibility.
    Do you know some tariffs in advance?
    Customs duties are determined by the customs authorities. If you would like to know in advance, please search by example of advance teaching answers (item classification related) on the customs website or ask the customs authorities directly.
    How do I pay customs duties?

    You can choose from the following.

    1. Direct debit by NACCS real-time account
    2. Pay on delivery to the shipping company at the designated shipping address.
    3. Replacement by our company (replacement fee 50 yuan)
    Can I handle food?
    Unfortunately, we do not handle food. Find an agent with export rights specializing in food.


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