Those who use "China Import Agent Makoto" (hereinafter referred to as "The Agent") (hereinafter referred to as "The User") agree to these Terms when using the services provided by the Agent (hereinafter referred to as the Service).Before you use the service, be sure to read the following:

 In order to reflect amendments to the Law or changes to the Services, we may amend any additional provisions for these Terms or certain Services that apply to the Service.In the event of additional, changed, or revised, we will inform you on this website each time.

Products that cannot be handled

We cannot handle products that are equivalent to the following.In addition, if it is found that the product cannot be handled after settlement, we may not be able to accept the refund.We are not responsible for any damages caused by the suspension of cargo due to customs clearance between the two countries.In particular, if cargo continues to stop in customs clearance in China, the agency may be fined by the Chinese government and may be suspended.In that case, we will claim damages to the user based on Chinese law.

  • a product banned from export by the Chinese government
  • Products prohibited by the Japanese government
  • Products that do not have copyright or design rights, such as non-genuine or pirated DVDs
  • Animals, etc. (acts that violate the Washington Convention, products, animals, etc.)
  • Products that are offensive to public order and morals, such as pornography
  • Products with batteries
  • Products that come with sand, magnets, and liquids, or products with materials on the left as the product itself
    For sand, batteries, and magnets, international shipping is possible by specialized route.

Disclaimer for "Inspection"

We will carry out a simple inspection for all orders.Specifically, it is a visual confirmation of the presence or absence of "quantity", "color", "size", and "paper tag cutting".

"Size" is a confirmation by tag.In the case of OEM/ODM, actual size confirmation is also included at the factory or inspection office.

As a paid option, we will perform a detailed basic inspection.Specifically, in addition to the four items of simple inspection, it will be "thread cutting" with visual confirmation and return correspondence of "damage", "scratch", "stain", and "fade".

If the quantity is large in OEM, ODM or the same product, or if a professional inspection is required, please contact us separately.

If the inspection is originally done in comparison with the sample, and the sample is not prepared, it will be inspected according to the standard of this agency (different from the Japanese standard).In the case of resale, siding, and no stock, please use it after you understand in advance that it is not possible to inspect at the same level as the product of OEM and ODM which mass produce samples.

We do not check the operation of the product (such as the operation of the fastener or the operation around the buttons), check the genuine product, or check whether the customs clearance can be made.In addition, there is a case that the size can not be confirmed for some small products.In addition, denim products often do not have a button hole in China, and because the regular position of the button hole is not known, it is not possible to check the button hole.(Button hole drilling is provided as a paid option, but the position of the regular hole may not be able to be determined.)In addition, we do not make any compensation if the hole is not made in the regular position.)


  • If a defect is confirmed after arrival in Japan in a simple inspection, this agency shall not be liable.
  • If a defect is confirmed after arrival in Japan in a paid inspection, it shall be decided after consultation between the two parties in accordance with the contents of these Terms of Use.


  • It is subject to the Return Terms and Refund Terms.

Disclaimer for "defective products"

  1. Both sides shall deal calmly in good faith.
  2. The user shall request a photograph of "a photograph that understands the state of the product (the one that understands the defect point)" and "address label" to the purchaser, and make an effort to grasp the status of the defect by the user himself.
  3. 2. After that, if the negligence of this agency is suspected, the appropriate "Order No. (quotation No. and product code, ASIN, etc.)" and "comment simply understand the status of the defect" shall be accompanied by "photo" that meets the above requirements and sent to this agency.We may ask for other information such as "packing photos" if necessary.
  4. 3. After that, this agency will check the inspection status by inspection camera and check the transportation status to the transportation company.
  5. 4. After that, refunds shall be made in accordance with the "Refund Exemption" only if the agency approves it as negligence by this agency.

Disclaimer for "Domestic and International Shipping in China"

The terms of trade are FOB.We are responsible for handling any cargo problems or accidents that occur after shipment from a port in China.In addition, we do not deal with address deficiencies and re-delivery that occur in Japan.Please resolve between the user and the logistics company in Japan based on the tracking number.If you are asked to do additional documents by the customs authorities, please contact us.

The range of liability for delivery is as follows:

  • The segment from the vendor to the agent is within the compensation range of the delivery company that the vendor is contracted with.
  • Compensation applies to the section from this agency to the designated delivery address on the Japanese side within the scope of the carrier contracted by the agency.

In addition, we will not be responsible for any of the following events.

  • If the item you requested to buy is a fake or imitation product
  • If confiscated by customs clearance in China
  • When import into Japan is prohibited by customs
  • If customs clearance delay or customs clearance is not possible due to the inspection strengthening period of the customs authorities
  • When there is a falseity or error in the information when the user requests this agency, and the agent is requested based on the information (e.g., including the information of the client necessary for customs clearance)
  • When it is judged and certified that there is no problem in the inspection of this agency with respect to the quality of the product purchased by the supplier such as Taobao and Alibaba
  • Storage and disposal fees when goods are returned to the shipping company due to unknown delivery address, etc.

1.  Although it is not possible to specify the date and time in international delivery, it is possible to change it by the user after passing through the sales office of the shipping company after customclearance in Japan.

2. If the specified shipping address is unknown or returned due to long absence, the shipping company may charge you a storage fee, a re-shipment fee, or a disposal fee.As of December 2019, the fee is 150 yuan.However, this matter is not the terms of this agency, but because it is based on the terms and conditions of the transportation company and the warehouse company, it may not be as described here.For more information, please contact the shipping company's local office from the tracking number.

Disclaimer for "Returns"

Exemption period:

  • Within 14 days of arrival of shipping address (tracking site basis)


  • In the case of user convenience: (1) According to the return policy of the vendor.2International shipping is borne by the user.3Cancellation after ordering to the vendor will be charged 30 yuan per order as a fee.
  • In the case of our agency convenience: (1) According to the return policy of the vendor.2International shipping is borne by the user.


  • It is in accordance with these Terms.

This is an example in which it is of
ten not recognized as defective in Taobao or Alibaba.In that case, we will respond according to the vendor's return policy.

  • Button shape
  • Shape and color of the bag, wallet, chain attached to clothes, peeling of the paint
  • No button holes in denim fabric
  • The presence or absence of cloth tags and paper tags
  • Damage to packaging (not for delivery, but for packaging that is traditionally included with the product)
  • Subtle differences in fabric color (the appearance of colors varies depending on the PC screen, subtle differences depending on the production line)

Exemption for "refunds and compensation"

Exemption period:

  • Within 14 days of arrival of shipping address (tracking site basis)


  • When the purchase fails: We will make a negative account (refund) on the next invoice (or deposit and withdrawal details).The purchase failure means that it is not possible to purchase it when this agency confirms the stock to the vendor such as Taobao, but there is no stock when i purchased it formally after settlement.Please note that we cannot refund you after purchase, such as when the vendor refuses to return the product.The transfer fee at the time of refund will be borne by the customer.
  • In the case of this agency convenience: We will refund the product fee (product body fee + Chinese domestic postage).
  • In the case of loss by the shipping company: In the case of 1 small package, the product fee (product body fee + Chinese domestic postage) will be added up to 100 yuan, and international shipping fee will be refunded in full.(2) In the case of normal size, the product fee (product body fee + Chinese domestic postage) will be added up to 600 yuan in the amount, and the international shipping fee will be refunded in full.However, the contents may change depending on the judgment of the shipping company in both 12.
  • In the case of refund of the deposit fee: The deposit can be refunded at any time.However, since the deposit will be deposited in the original construction, there is a case that there is an influence of the exchange rate.
  • In the case of withdrawal: Refunds to the balance of system usage fees, deposit fees, etc. will be transferred to the designated bank account at the end of the following month when the withdrawal request is made.The transfer fee at the time of refund will be borne by the customer.(Considering any charges that may occur at a later date, such as international shipping and customs duties.)

Parts other than the cloth part, such as fasteners and buttons of apparel, are easily scratched during transportation.If you use it for simple resale or stock-free, it will not be covered by the compensation.This is applicable for OEM or ODM.

Examples outside the range of disclaimers:

  • Monthly usage fee, agency fee, international shipping fee, transfer fee, postage in Japan
  • Return shipping costs caused by returns in Japan, such as from the shipping source (end user's address, delivery address, etc.) to the user's address


  • It is in accordance with these Terms.

Exchange rate:

  • Check the rate of the settlement month and the refund month, adopt the lower rate, and apply the rate minus 0.3 yen /yuan from the applicable rate as the T.T.B. (buy) rate.

Maximum amount returned:

  • Combined product price and domestic shipping cost in China (up to 100 yuan)

Disclaimer for "Storage"

This service is for those who use OEM, ODM, and simple resale.

Storage on our behalf is one month.
If the storage period has passed, the agency shall have the authority to dispose of the goods without prior notice.The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the disposition.In addition, if you wish to keep it for more than one month, please consult with us in advance.The storage fee is 60 yuan per month for every 50 cm .Please understand that storage does not guarantee the quality of the product.

About the use of the web ordering system

Depending on the sales method of the user, such as "ODM/OEM", "simple resale", "no stock", "transfer", etc., the order method and the terms of use in the compound differ.

Order media:

  • "ODM/OEM" : Please write in a dedicated format or in the format you have prepared and store it in Dropbox.
  • "Simple resale system" -- Please use the web order system.
  • "No inventory system" - please use the web order system.
  • "Transfer system" - Please use the web transfer system.

Terms and conditions for combined use:

  • If you are using "ODM/OEM" and want to use "simple resale", "no stock", "transfer", you can apply in the skype group.
  • If you are using "Simple Resale" and would like to use "ODM/OEM" or "Transfer", you can apply at the skype group.
  • If you are using "Simple Resale" and want to use "No Stock", you can apply in the skype group only if all of the following conditions are met.
    (1) In the past, there has been a track record of using "simple resale"
  • If you are using "No Stock" and want to use "Transfer", you can apply in the skype group.
  • In principle, if you are using "no stock" and you want to use "simple resale", we do not allow it in principle.However, you can apply in the skype group only if all of the following conditions are met.
    (1) In the past, the amount used in "no stock" is 30,000 yen or more.
    (2) The purpose of use is not to compensate for services that are not provided in "no inventory", such as securing inventory or using warehouse storage services.
    (3) Selling new products that are not in stock and different from the products handled
    (4) One-time shipping volume weight is 21kg (160 size cardboard 1 piece) or more, and continuous shipment is carried out rather than a single shot (if it meets (3), it can be used even if it is less than 21 kg)
    (5) In addition, if the agent determines that it is not suitable for the purpose of development of a simple resale system


  • We will accept your order at any time.In the case of holidays, new year-end and New Year holidays, long holidays, correspondence may be later than usual.
  • The ID of the order system is issued differentiated iDs depending on the sales method.
  • If you want to ship more than one product at a time using the "no stock system", please use the bundled function.

About the operation of the note residual management

In the case of resale, if the product does not reach our agency within two weeks from the date of the order to the vendor, we will cancel the order (note residual cut).Note The price of the product that was cut the remaining will be negatively recorded (refunded) on the next invoice.

In the case of no stock, if the product does not reach our agency within one week from the date of the order to the vendor, we will cancel the order (note residual cut).Note The price of the remaining cut product will be refunded to the deposit[在庫切れ] amount by changing the status of the purchase order on behalf of us.

About the free service

As of December 2019, this service has been suspended due to the increase in users.
We will inform you separately when we resume the next time.

About product research (target: those who resell Using Amazon)

It is a product research service in Taobao and Alibaba.Please request a quotation with a special order form for the URL of the Japanese net shop of the product you want to research.

We will provide 5 yuan for free per recruitment.
If the act of ordering the research results conducted by this agency at another company is confirmed, the number of products requested so far (ASIN number) regardless of whether or not it is adopted will be requested by 5 yuan, and the use of this service will be stopped in the future.

Product registration (target: Resale of Amazon, OEM, ODM)

It is a service of the product registration.We offer 100 yuan free of charge per order.If you use this service, please delegate the sub-authority of amazon seller central of the user to this agency.In addition, only for the first time, please fill in the necessary items in the product registration form specified on this agency, and submit it.After the second request, please be sure to list the four points of "ASIN", "product name", "sales price" and "quantity" on the quotation request form designated by this agency, and request it.If the request continues in a manner other than the method specified by this agency, the number of violations of the terms will be charged 100 yuan, and the use of this service will be stopped in the future.

About payment methods

The payment method is either (1) transfer to the Japan Post Bank or Rakuten Bank designated by the Company, or (2) credit card payment by PayPal (PayPal).The transfer fee associated with the bank transfer will be borne by the customer.In addition, the payment fee (3.6% + 40 yen) charged by PayPal at the time of Payment Pal payment will be borne by the customer.

A deposit is also available.If you are not in stock, you will be charged a deposit in principle.The minimum deposit amount at a time is 30,000 yen.Web order system> Various applications> From settlement /deposit, you can choose from 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 200,000 yen, 500,000 yen, 1 million yen, 5 million yen.If the amount does not have a choice, please apply multiple times by combination.

About exchange rates

The exchange rate adopts the rate of the Bank of China designated as this agency, and adopts the exchange rate +1.0 yen when there is a change in the exchange rate.You can check it in the sidebar of the homepage.

About the payment of customs duties

Please pay by the following method.

When using ODM, OEM, resale, and stock-free transfer

  1. Direct debit by NACCS real-time account
  2. Pay on delivery to the shipping company at the designated shipping address.
  3. Prepayment by deposit (deposit 500 yuan, replacement fee 50 yuan) when charging international shipping fee from this agency

When using without stock direct delivery

  1. Withdrawal from deposit balance (replacement fee 50 yuan)

If you use it without stock, the product will be shipped directly from this agency to the end user.We will replace the customs duty on our behalf so that the request for customs duties does not occur at the end user.If the end user pays the customs duties, please contact us before international shipment.

The request for customs duties from Japanese customs authorities to this agency will be approximately one month after the customs date.The replacement fee of 50 yuan will be debited from the deposit residual, and the customs duties will be debited from the deposit remaining as soon as the customs clearance is charged.

Business hours and inquiries

Business Hours

Business hours are from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.Public holidays are in accordance with the Chinese calendar.If it differs from normal business hours, such as a national holiday or Chinese New Year, we will inform you on the membership page each time.

Contact us

Please refer to Q&A, Terms of Use and web Order System Manual before contacting us.

We will reply to inquiries during business hours on the same day as much as possible.Inquiries outside of business hours will be returned after the next business day.In addition, please use the principle skype chat for the method of inquiry.If you would like to make a call, please contact us in advance via skype chat.

Non-payment and arrears

In the case of "ODM", "OEM", and "Stock Resale", in the case of "no inventory resale" due date on the invoice issued by this agency, if payment cannot be confirmed by the date when the deposit balance is cut to 0, we will inform the user of the payment unconfirmed.If one week has passed since your notice and you are unable to confirm your payment, we will send you a collection letter.Please pay within 5 days of arrival of the collection letter.In addition, if the payment is not confirmed, we will send the proof of contents and issue a collection letter from the court.

After the due date stated in the collection letter, we will charge 14.5% of the interest on arrears and a fee such as shipping fee.

About using competitors

In principle, the use of the competitor can be carried out arbitrarily at the discretion of the user.However, if we see an act that suffers damage for our agency, such as passing services (e.g., Research on the Chinese side) to competitors, we will charge a reasonable amount of money.As an example, in the case of product research agency, regardless of the number of adoptions, we will charge the number of researches so far: 80 yen.

Privacy Policy and Copyright Protection

This agency, the personal information protection policy (see separate page), describes the handling of personal data of users and the protection of personal information in the use of this service.By using the Service, you agree that the Agent can use your personal data in accordance with our personal information protection policy.

Consultation, Agreed Jurisdiction

In the event of any doubt regarding matters not provided for in these Terms or the interpretation of the terms of these Terms, the User and the Act shall consult in good faith.In the event of a dispute with respect to these Terms, you agree to make the Qingdao City Jojo District People's Court (Zhengjing Road 199, Qingdao City, China) a court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.

Change or termination of the Service, withdrawal

You may terminate your use of the Service at any time.At any time, we may stop providing the Service to users or add or set restrictions on the Services.

If you wish to terminate this service, please contact us.We will check the balance of the invoice amount and the presence or absence of unshipped products.If there is a balance of the deposit, the bank designated by the bank designated by the bank will transfer (refund) from the bank designated by the agency at the end of the following month when there is an offer to withdraw and the amount of the refund is approved.The transfer fee is borne by the user.In addition, the exchange rate shall be the lower rate of the month in which the deposit was received and the refund month, and the rate minus 0.3 yen/yuan from the applicable rate will be applied as the T.T.B. (buy) rate.

In addition, if there is no transaction record for one month from the last use, the account of the web ordering system will be suspended.If you would like to resume use, please contact us.We will consider whether or not to resume at the discretion of our agency.In addition, if there is no transaction record for one month from the suspension, 200 yuan will be deducted from the deposit money as a fund management expense.If the deposit balance is cut to 0, the service will be automatically terminated and re-enrollment will be refused.

In addition, since the charge of international shipping and customs duties may be different from the order of the product, there is a case to be charged even after the end of the service.If you do not receive payment, we will take legal action.



「中国輸入代行 誠」をご利用頂くことで、きっと今あなたがお悩みの問題が解決できるはず。当社には、検品所出身のエキスパートや日本の大手企業出身のSEが多数在籍しております。そして何よりも、いつも「誠」の気持ちで誠意をもってお客様のご要望に耳を傾けております。「できないと言う前にまずはやってみる。」これができるのは「誠」だけです。