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Five reasons why China's import agency "Sincere" is chosen

China import agency "Sei" has been developing a trade business mainly for large and small and medium-sized corporate companies in the United States, South Korea, and Japan, based on the "Qingdao Europe TongY IK" which opened in 2011.Since then, due to the growing demand for individual import businesses in Japan, since 2017, we have been supporting international trade between Japan and China for small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors, with the Chinese import agency Makoto as its name.

If you can use the Chinese import agency "Sincere", you can practice Chinese import by using the knowledge and experience of vendor negotiation, international trade, and logistics that we have cultivated in the trade business so far.Time is worth more than anything else.Take a shortcut to the success of your import business in China through our agency services.

1. The monthly usage fee is free that the price setting is from the customer's point of view.

China import agency "Sein" is engaged in business improvement and price negotiation every day under the motto of "high-quality service at a reasonable price".

In business, keeping costs down is a stepping stone to success.In the import of China on an individual scale, there are roughly seven costs of sales incurred on the customer's side.Specifically, "product main unit fee", "shipping in China", "agency fee", "international shipping fee", "option such as inspection and OPP bag fee, label", "tariff", "sales fee on the Japanese platform", etc.

Among them, the parts that can do their best in terms of price as an import agent are "agency fee", "international shipping", "option such as inspection and OPP bag fee, label", "price negotiation if it is (OEM / ODM)", and we focus on how the balance of service quality and price matches the customer's needs when considering these in total.

Even if "agency fee" and "international shipping" seem to be cheap, "monthly usage fee" is expensive, or "international shipping" is high even if the "agency fee" is 0 yen, or "agency fee" is expensive even if inspection is free,
There is not one cost for the customer.When we think about multiple costs for our customers in total, we provide them at the best balanced price is the policy of China import agency "Sincere".

The same phenomenon as the price increase in the logistics industry in Japan is occurring in China, and labor costs are increasing year by year.In such an environment, we are turning the PDCA cycle on a daily basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis while thinking about what can be done for our customers as our agent.

Total invoice amount

Charges: Product body fee + (Domestic shipping in China) + Agency fee + International shipping + (paid option)

Please refer to the link above for details of agency fees, paid options, and international shipping.
Note: The shipping cost in China is the actual cost of the shipping cost from stores such as Taobao to our agency.There are almost 0 yuan stores.

Basic pricing plan

Term eyes
Simple resale

Direct delivery of stockTransferRemarks
Monthly usage fee0 yuan0 yuan0 yuan
Product feeMaterialMaterialMaterialWe will charge (or debit the deposit) based on the amount charged by the vendor (store, wholesaler, factory).
Shipping in ChinaMaterialMaterialMaterialWe will charge (or debit the deposit) based on the amount charged by the vendor (store, wholesaler, factory).There are a lot of stores of 0 yuan.
Agency feeUniform 5%/pointUniform 15 yuan/pointUniform 5 yuan/pointIn the case of stock, (product fee + sample fee China domestic postage) uniform 5%
In the case of stock, 10% if the charge amount of one time is less than 10,000 yen.(5% for sample fee only)
International shippingShip: 6 yuan
Air: 16.5 yuan
48 Yuan48 YuanThe ship is 3t.Air is 101kg.
Note: 48 yuan is a case of small packaging 0 to 500 g.
The shipping company measures the volumetric and actual weights, and will be charged (or debited) based on the invoice issued by the shipping company.
Simple inspection0 yuan0 yuan0 yuanThe target is "quantity", "color", "size", and "paper tag cutting".
Detailed basic inspection1 yuan0 yuan8 YuanIn addition to the four items of "Simple Inspection", the target is "damage", "scratch", "dirt", "fade", and "thread cutting".

For those who sell with stock by OEM (ODM) / simple resale
Direct delivery of stock: Plan for those who sell without stock by resale in no stock (purchase can be done on our behalf and sent directly to the designated address including the end user)
Transfer: A plan for those who want to purchase by customer and use this agency as a base for transfer

2. The lead time from your order to arrival in Japan is very short, and it is a shortest 4 days.It's true.

We deliver the Chinese import agency "Sei" in as little as four days.Lead time from order to arrival is one of the most important factors in the import business.In particular, in international trade, it is also true that products are broadcast in various forms more than domestic transactions such as customs clearance and logistics in both countries, and the lead time tends to be longer.

In China imports, the flow from the order to the designated address in Japan is generally as follows.

Order (customer) -> Order (representative) -> Shipping (Taobao stores, factories, etc.) -> Inspection, packing and shipping (for our agency) - China Logistics Company - China Customs Clearance - International Shipping (Airplane/Ship) - Japan Customs Company - Japan Logistics Company - Designated Address in Japan

It is not realistic to control all processes by an import agent.In the above flow, it becomes a part of the deficit that we are making improvements as our agent.By using the web order ing order system developed independently by the Chinese import agency "Sei", the order becomes real-time, and we order to the store to the taobao etc. from the day of the order to the next day.

In addition, when the product arrives at our agency warehouse (Qingdao / Yiwu / Guangzhou), by making full use of the receipt system by QR code, inspection system by smartphone, and automatic packing list system, we deliver it to a Chinese logistics company on the day of the arrival of the product to the next day.

Why is the lead time so short from order to arrival in Japan?
The reason is that there is an idea that "the system can streamline the work of our staff, and thereby return it to the customer" as the basis of the idea of "Sincere" of the import agency in China.In addition, if the system can improve efficiency, we believe that labor costs can be reduced and returned to customers in terms of "agency fee", "international shipping", and "other options".
The average number of days from international shipping to delivery is around 5 days without stock, and around 7 days for simple resale and OEM.

3. The incidence of defective products is very low, which is 0.17%.Defective products are checked with the inspection camera.

China import agency "Sincere" has 20 inspection check items, and the annual failure rate is 0.17% or less.

Of the inspection specialists that are requested by major Japanese companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, the defective rate of those referred to as S-rankists is around 1%.The inspection fee changes depending on this rank (the failure rate actual) and the higher the S rank (the failure rate is very low).For example, if you oem 10,000 points, s-ranked companies will go through about 100 defective items.In other words, there is no supplier that can deliver at a defective rate of 100%, even if there is a specialist trader.(For this reason, many companies always order more than they want for OEM products.)In addition, the factory will produce a little more))

Under such circumstances, the failure rate of China's import agency "Sincere" is still on an improving trend, up to 0.17% per month.I summarize the following why the professional trader is S rank at 1%, and this agency is able to achieve 0.17%.

  • Improve accuracy and conduct business improvement meetings by employing a large number of staff from the inspection office
  • Inspection More avoidance by the examination function of check item 20 on the smartphone
  • Eliminatethe risk of different products being delivered by checking inventory before placing an order at the Taobao store
  • Avoiding inspection moles by automatic sorting system
  • Avoiding delivery destination differences by automatic output of mailing labels linked to the order system
  • Avoiding the risk of damage during transport by using a 5-layer 150-size cardboard
  • Such as

4. The settlement is completed in Japan, and there is no need for international remittance.

Since we have a Japanese corporation, we can settle the import agency "Sincere" in China without the hassle of international remittance.

You can choose the payment method from the following financial institutions.

  • Japan Post Bank
  • Rakuten Bank
  • Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Credit card payment by PayPal

Since we will send money overseas on behalf of a Japanese corporation, you can make payments in Japan, and you can settle overseas remittance fees without having to pay the bank.In addition, even if the amount of use is uncertain for the first time in the import business, if it is our agency, it is possible to realize frequent settlement with reduced commission.

The transfer fee associated with the bank transfer will be borne by the customer.In addition, the payment fee (3.6% + 40 yen) charged by PayPal at the time of Payment Pal payment will be borne by the customer.

5. The inspection fee that can be sent directly to the end user even if it is stock-free is also included in the agency fee.

China import agency "Sein" supports the non-inventory resale business.

There is no doubt that the non-inventory resale business in Chinese imports is a business that can be practiced without inventory risk because it is purchased at a Chinese net shop such as Taobao after the purchase is made by the end user.Therefore, it is also true that it is a business model that is easy to tackle for those who start the product sales business of individual import in the future.

However, if you try to resell the non-inventory in China imports, you will notice that there are some hurdles.After clearing some hurdles that occur before sales (e.g., research accuracy and product registration amount), it is difficult to finally make an order request to the import agency.

  • It's hard to ship the product.
  • There are a lot of defective products.
  • I received a different product.
  • Not included ., i can not correspond to the bundle .

Due to the nature of no inventory, the lead time period and inspection accuracy to the same level as the inventory business is a very difficult issue for import agents.However, because the hurdles are high, it is also rewarding.In order to realize the needs of our customers, we are improving these issues every day with IT technology.

For example, there are only four Chinese agents that support direct end-user delivery, but we are the only ones in the system that can receive orders, inspect, and ship.As a result, we have been able to achieve a minimum of four days from order to end user.

1) The system is pending a patent.
2) Depending on the crowded customs clearance and the shipping speed of the store you ordered, it is around 8 days on average. 

Nine services of China import agency "Sincere"

We will introduce carefully selected services that China import agency "Sei" provides with its own in terms of quality, price, speed, etc.If you have a service to be worried about, you can view the details by pressing the pull-down menu on the right side of the screen.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. OEM/ODM production agency We are good at apparel and accessories in general.

Our strongest point is OEM/ODM production of apparel and accessories products.

We have many business alliances with factories with production results, and depending on the product and transaction situation, we can make them in small lots, such as 50 pieces.There are many products wholesaled from the qingdao factory to the market in Yiwu and Guangzhou, and since you can do business directly with such factories, we can make proposals with low costs.In addition, it is rare as an import agency, and we also conduct an inspection tour to introduce the factory to go to the site several times a year.Smartphone accessories, umbrellas, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc. will help you if you have a request.

First of all, we look forward to your quote.
We will estimate at the lowest price.Please do not hesitate to tell us if it is expensive even one yuan compared to other companies.

Our results of OEM and ODM production agency so far
CategoryCommercial materials
ApparelWomen's clothing, children's clothing, swimsuits, accessories, bags, wallets, accessories
Daily necessariesUmbrellas, Pet Supplies, Storage, Floating Rings, Tools, Gardening Supplies, Stationery
Smart phoneCase, charging cable, various gadgets, protective film
SportsTents, training wear, outdoor equipment, diet equipment
Cars & BikesCustom parts, general-purpose products, gloves, goggles, underwear
MilitaryHelmet, Goggles, Mask, Gloves, Clothes, Ties, Airsoft Parts
OtherCosplay Costumes, Figures, Dollhouse

This is an excerpt.
Note: Data as of December 2019.

2. You can also buy the Alibaba Tenneko as a Taobao purchase agency.

In China import agency "Sei", we are available on behalf of China's three major online shops, "Taobao", "Alibaba", and "Tenko", where we purchase more than 3,000 orders every day.

In "Taobao" there are also sellers that are exhibited in no stock, but there is often no actual stock even if the order seems to be on, in this agency, before ordering the order received from the customer to Taobao, We check the availability of stock by phone or chat.This reduces the time loss caused by out of stock.This is a service that is especially pleasing to those who use it for non-inventory resale.

In addition, if you use it for simple resale in stock, if you have stated the URL of a shopping mall in Japan on a dedicated form, we will research the same products from Taobao, Alibaba, and Tenko on our behalf.Customers can research efficiently simply by replying only to products with different prices.This service is available free of charge.

Five characteristics of direct delivery without stock
Support for direct delivery of end users!
(Can be realized by the address automatic input system developed independently)
Cheap international shipping!
(500g - 48 yuan - + 15 yuan per 500g thereafter)
It can correspond to the bundle, further no additional charge required!
(If the delivery address is the same, it will be included automatically)
Inspection of the highest standard!
(The failure rate is 0.17% of the highest in the industry.
Arrivein in the shortest 4 days!
(Early items arrive at the end user in 4 days from the order)
Five features of simple resale and OEM/ODM
Research of products and factories is free!
(For THOSE who use OEM/ODM)
Cheap international shipping!
(Air flights from 16.5 yuan, 6 yuan by sea flight)
Packing materials are free!
(If it is a special packing, please consult separately.)
Inspection of the highest standard!
(The failure rate is 0.17% of the highest in the industry.
Arrivein in the shortest 7 days!
(Early products are delivered in 7 days from the order)
Features of "Taobao", "Alibaba" and "Tenko"
SellerContractors (corporations)Contractors (Individuals and Corporations)Contractors (corporations)
UserIndividuals and corporationsIndividuals and corporationsCorporations (Individuals)
Sale priceHighUsuallyCheap
QualityThere are a lot of good things.PingkiriPingkiri
Minimum lotFrom 1 pointFrom 1 point
Number of points handledUsuallyIt's so much.Usually
OtherThere are a lot of high-quality productsSome of the sellers are stock-free.There are many stores in primary and secondary factories.

3. You can also transfer the direct delivery agency without stock.

In China import agency "Sincere", you can choose a plan of "direct delivery" or "transfer" if you use it without stock resale.

"Direct delivery" and "transfer" are both plans to deliver directly to the end user or the customer's company or home, but there is a big difference in the presence or absence of purchase and inspection.

In the "direct delivery" service, after you order from the customer in our agency ordering system, this agency is a non-stop service from the order to Taobao to the inspection, packing, and international shipping to the end user.Even if there is a problem such as a defect or arrival delay, we can use it without any communication in Chinese because we enter with the Taobao trader and negotiate and check the situation.

In the "Transfer" service, we will recap (purchased) products purchased (purchased) by customers at online shops and factories in China, and transfer them from our agent to designated addresses in Japan and overseas.When using this service, there is a merit that the agency fee can be reduced for the customer because the purchase and inspection by this agency do not occur.

Our advantage in non-inventory resale
Difference between "direct delivery" and "transfer" in non-inventory resale
Tender offerActing on behalf of youFor users
InspectionActing on behalf of youFor users
Contact the vendorActing on behalf of youFor users
Tracking in ChinaActing on behalf of youActing on behalf of you
ReceivingActing on behalf of youActing on behalf of you
Agency fee15 Yuan5 yuan
International shippingThe sameThe same
Packing materialsThe sameThe same
DeliveryFrom time to time (4-10 days from order)As soon as your designated item is in stock

4. FBA delivery agency Delivery label, etc. is not required.

In China import agency "Sincere", it is easy to create a delivery plan to FBA more smoothly than anywhere else.

Specifically, by providing sub-authority, it is not necessary to provide barcode labels or delivery labels.We can minimize the interaction between us and our users, and we can perform non-stop from order to delivery to FBA.

And this service is available free of charge.

In addition, it is easy to use.If you contact us via skype chat or call to the effect of "FBA direct delivery hope" at the time of use (enrollment), we will also guide you including how to set the sub-authority from our company, Even those who do not know how to grant sub-authority, please feel free to ask us.

Differences from other companies
Sub-authorizationThe number of-
Barcode label: Sent by attachmentUnnecessaryThe number of
Delivery label: Sent by attachmentUnnecessaryThe number of
How to grant sub-permissions

5. Product and factory survey agency OEM and ODM limited.It's free.

In China import agency "Sein", we conduct surveys of supplier stores and factories based on customer requests.

Those who are sold by OEM or ODM are eligible.First of all, based on specifications and samples, we will ask for details by skype call.If the specifications of the product are fixed, we will investigate the factory and propose some factories that are close to the conditions.Also, if you have decided only the image of the product, please share the URL and sample close to the image.We will propose some URLs of products that are as close to the image as possible.

These services are free of charge.

OEM types

  • Simple OEM: A method of tagging off-the-day products and adding logos.(Mostly there are many sellers on Amazon)
  • OEM: General OEM.A method of making some changes based on off-the-day specifications.(Example: Increase pockets and fasteners.)Change the specifications of the handle.material and change.)

Those who sell without stock or simple resale are not eligible for this service.
Note: OEM and ODM may refuse to use the service for the first time.We receive specialized consultations, etc., and have acquired some knowledge before using it.

6. Visit to China Factory If you are an apparel and accessories factory, please leave it to us.

Four times a year, we hold tours that allow you to visit and trade factories directly at qingdao's apparel OEM factory.

In Qingdao, where our warehouse is located, apparel factories such as women's clothes, baby clothes, costumes, bracelets and necklaces, katyusha, accessories factories such as rings, bags and wallets, There are a lot of factories using pu leather and genuine leather of small items.Our company has connections with a wide variety of factories, and depending on the materials and specifications, we can make from 100 pieces.

In addition, there are many products wholesaled from the factory in Qingdao to the market of Yiwu and Guangzhou, and since it is possible to do business directly with such a factory, it is possible to propose with a low cost.Smartphone accessories, umbrellas, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc. will help you if you have a request.

In addition, we also receive consultationabout about free plan tour for individuals and companies at any time.We plan according to the customer's request, such as interpretation only, transportation arrangement only, hotel reservation only, airport transfer only.First of all, please feel free to contact us on the right.(SkypeID: makoto1688)


1st timeNovember 21-24, 2018End of recruitment (full house)
2nd AnnualMarch 20-23, 2019End of recruitment (full house)
3rdJune 19-22, 2019End of recruitment (full house)
4thSeptember 13-23, 2019End of recruitment (full house)
5th AnnualNovember 20-23, 2019 (tentative)End of recruitment (full house)
The 6thMarch 2020 (tentative)


Name of the visitQingdao Factory and wholesaler inspection tour
ReScheduled for 3 nights and 4 days from mid-March to late March 2020
PlaceQingdao, China
Meeting timeAround 14:00 at Qingdao Ryuen International Airport
CapacityUp to 7 people
Cost98,000 yen (3 meals, 3 nights of accommodation, transportation included, air ticket scans yourself)
Where to visit
  • Apparel & Women's Clothing Factory (Rank A-C)
  • Accessories factory
  • PU Leather Factory
  • Bag factory

Participants' Voices

Yuta Iizuka, President, Unoeye Company Co., Ltd. (34)

Until now, I have been using the Delivery Agency in China on behalf of Makoto, but I was able to participate in the China factory tour this time because of the edge.

Starting with a huge wholesaler street tour, we went around about 10 factories such as apparel, bags, and access, but we showed us a sample of what kind of manufacturer the factory is doing business with. I had a concrete image of what I could make.All of them are high-quality brands that are well known in Japan, and there are a wide variety of products, and i candidly say that there is nothing that can no longer be made.There were a lot of big factories that usually do only lots of 10,000 units, but it was said that China was a society of connections, and that they would respond with the amount of material that is easy to reach for the lot specially.

Since I was able to confirm specifically with Makoto Agency, such as the interaction with samples from the time I returned to Japan to the actual order, OEM became much more familiar than before I participated.I want to order products of my brand as soon as possible.

In addition, as a harvest this time, I was able to gain a lot of awareness that would be helpful in business by spending four days with high-level people.It was also very meaningful to be able to get a network with people with the same aspirations.

Last but not edany, thank you to all the staff who accompanied us, as well as factory staff, for four days.

Yasuyuki Tanaka, CEO, KYL Co., Ltd. (46)

We have been engaged in various aspects of Amazon's business (store sedari, electroencephalography, Western imports, manufacturer wholesale, etc.), but we have always been troubled by price competition with rivals.

As resale on Amazon was gradually being forced into a difficult situation, I began to think that I would not survive if I didn't work on my original product, so I was considering OEM manufacturing in China.It was this Qingdao factory tour that was in such a situation.

Before going to China, I had the impression that there were a lot of defective products that were cheap but quickly broken.However, the products of the factory that I actually saw were only factories that dealt with well-known top-notch brand products all over the world, and the quality was outstanding.And I'm surprised to hear the cost again!In Japan, products sold at such a high price can be made at such a price! !I was convinced that there was no doubt when I actually saw the manufacturing site.

We were able to visit a variety of factories, including a factory that handles the world's leading brands at about 10 factories, a factory that can also be commissioned to design at a factory that handles leading brands in Japan, and an apparel factory that can handle small lots.Through The Import Agency Makoto den of China, we were able to get a unique opportunity to connect with factories that handle world-class brands.

It was also a very good experience for me to be able to deepen my exchange with all the high-level participants.By actually seeing it, you can get a very different impression from the impression you see on the Net.If you are worried about participating, we recommend it!

Yuta Hagiwara, Representative Employee, Good Products Planning LLC (31)

Before participation,
We were selling it using a so-called ride-together method.We often get involved in excessive price competition, so we felt the need for OEMs to sell our own brand products.However, I had no concrete means for OEM.There were a number of high hurdles that had to be overcome, such as not knowing how to find a factory, not knowing how to negotiate, and not being able to write product specifications.

After joining,
On the tour, we visited a number of factories with a wealth of sales experience to Japan.Of course, we visited the manufacturing site and sample room, but during the tour, we were able to explain the specific means for OEMs.We didn't need any complicated specifications, and they taught us everything about factory candidates, negotiation methods, and so on.Since the person in charge of OEM of the substitute Makoto also does the negotiation itself, I was able to exceed the hurdle that I felt was high at once.

If you have decided which products and lots you want to make, you can produce them immediately.In fact, I was contacted by the estimated amount in two days after I returned to Japan.If the conditions are met, we are considering production positively.We would like to sell our own brand products more and more from now on.

U Dream GK Director Masafumi Tokuda (50)

(Before participation)
We started OEM sales in February last year, but the quality of the products was not stable, and we were troubled by problems such as the material being different for each order.Even if the unit price can go up to the factory, even if I asked you to use a good fabric, it was delivered in a different fabric at the next delivery, and I was keenly aware of the difficulty of OEM.

(After participation)
First of all, I was surprised that there was a sample room in the factory.I was able to know the fact that there are a lot of companies that come to order directly to the factory.In addition, we were able to see factories that handle high-level products for Japan and Korea from factories that have ranks and handle low-level products for China.In high-level factories, we deal with products of famous brands that everyone knows, and the inspection system was perfect from the japanese point of view.If i had done this kind of inspection, there would be no stable delivery of quality, and I was reminded of the low level of the factory I had ordered until now.Usually, factories that deal with such high-brand products can only receive orders in a lot of tens of thousands, but by passing Makoto-san of the agency company, it is possible to order even from a small lot, so I do not think that there is a hand that does not ask.

If you are participating, we recommend that you bring a sample.
If you have a sample, you can go ahead with the story and get a quote right away.

Sole proprietor M (43)

We have been promoting simple resale, direct transactions, and exclusive sales of Imports in Europe and the United States.In the end, I thought that selling my own products would be more fun, rewarding, and returnable, so I participated in this factory tour with the aim of developing our own brand products.

The factory I visited was well managed by manufacturing products of famous brands, and it was a factory that I could not deal with on a very business scale like mine.I was very surprised that not only can it be manufactured if you ask a sincere agent even in such a wonderful factory, but also that you can manufacture lots within reach.I think that it is possible to do because it is a sincere agency who has local connections in China.

By actually visiting various factories this time, I was able to image the goal of developing our own brand products.I would like to make steady progress from now on.It was also very stimulating for me that the level of business of the people who participated was very high.

Finally, thank you very much for the four days of the participants.

Motivation to conduct factory inspection

  • Be copied the products that sell that you have found with great pains
  • I want to improve my profit margin.
  • Reselling, siding together, and stock-free life uneasy
  • Poor quality of Taobao and Alibaba
  • I want you to carry out the inspection well.
  • I want to do a vertical business instead of a side-by-side.

Reasons to visit a factory in Qingdao

  • Apparel factories are densein in China
  • Qingdao has the lowest land price among the five government-designated cities.
  • There are many factories that wholesale to Japan, Korea, the United States, and Africa.
  • China's largest airport will be completed in 2019, and China's logistics are foreseen to gather in Qingdao
  • Geographically close to Japan, international shipping is cheap, and transportable in the shortest time

Strengths of Qingdao Factory Tour

  • Depending on the situation and time of the product and factory, it can be made from 10 pieces by negotiation.
  • Cheaply purchased from factories without going through wholesale, Alibaba, or Taobao
  • Compared to Yiwu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, labor costs and land rents are cheaper, so manufacturing costs can be reduced.
  • Local staff are stationed and always develop new factories.
  • In addition to apparel, there are also transactions with factories of smartphones, motorcycles, and car parts.


  • Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the first day of the tour, as it can be arranged for hotels and transportation on site.The transfer fee or settlement fee incurred at that time will be borne by the customer.
  • Refunds other than during the cancellation period will not be accepted for any reason.(Cooling off not supported)
  • If the tour is cancelled due to our circumstances, we will refund the amount excluding the transfer fee or settlement fee.
  • If the tour cannot be held due to unavoidable force majeure due to bad weather or disaster, 50% of the charges excluding transfer fees or settlement fees will be refunded.(The one selves such as the airplane fee is not eligible.)
  • Please book your ticket early.In particular, Narita-Aoshima is often booked two to three months in advance.
  • This tour includes the right, but not included in this article in principle.(Expenses related to the tour main story, such as accommodation expenses on site, three meals for meals, transportation expenses, interpretation expenses, etc.)
  • We will not leak information about individuals or corporations that we have learned through this tour for commercial purposes to third parties.(We may submit an invoice to a tax accountant, etc. for accounting purposes.)
  • Please do not forget that it is a group action, and act responsibly.
  • We recommend that you prepare a SIM that can be used in China.
  • There is a time to exchange at Qingdao Airport upon arrival, but please note that the exchange office may be closed for evening flights.

Contact us

Planning: Qingdao Europe Nguyen Ying Ying Co., Ltd.
Receptionist: Han (SkypeID: makoto1688)

7. Photography agency Personal professional will take a picture.

In "China Import Agency Makoto", we take a picture of products and models that meet the standards of Japanese online shops from one piece in China.

By shooting in China, you can have time to create a product page while the purchased product reaches Japan, and you can limit the loss of sales opportunities.In addition, when taken in Japan, the product becomes a chinese-To-Japan base to a photography company, so shipping costs in Japan from a base in Japan to a photography company will be incurred, but you can reduce the shipping cost in Japan by using this agency.

Shooting plan
Product shooting (normal)15 YuanYou can use it from one piece.
Product photography (white punching)20 yuan
Model shooting (normal + product 1 point)280 yuan8 sheets 1 set
If it exceeds 8 sheets, 10 yuan /sheet
The correction fee is included.
Model shooting (normal + 2 items)330 yuan
Model shooting (underwear + 1 item)330 yuan
Model shooting (underwear + 2 items)380 yuan
Model photography (Russian)550 yuan
Location photographyConsultation required
Jewelry & Accessories PhotographyConsultation required

The model is Chinese.
The delivery time is about two weeks.

8. Tool development agency You can also create research tools.

We have staff who have been developing systems for more than 10 years at a major Japanese company, and we also provide the development of tools and systems that customers request.

Amazon, Wowma!, research tools such as Taobao, accounting systems, sales aggregation system, etc., first of all, if you have summarized the use of your desired system in Excel, etc., we will hear the details in skype and estimate.

Environment and years of experience
EnvironmentLevelYears of experience
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
Language and years of experience
LanguageLevelYears of experience
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
Database and years of experience
DatabaseLevelYears of experience
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
More than 5 years
Order Results
Amazon's research tool (using API)
Wowma! research tool
Research tools of Taobao
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9. We are also looking for consulting teachers.

In "China Import Agency Makoto", we introduce our consulting teacher of import business.

We will introduce it on this page when we have received your consent for users who have a track record of dealings and have independently consulted on Chinese imports among our customers who use our agents.

We do not exchange fees or kickbacks between our agency and our consulting teachers.It is a service that there is a trust ing relationship between the teachers and our agency.If you have a teacher you are interested in, please contact us individually.

To the consultant's teacher
It is not a business alliance.You can withdraw the listing at any time.
There is no contract.It is a support that is based on respect of both sides.
There are no advertising expenses or contract fees.

Kazu -[Thai land import, (Import in China), OEM, crowdfunding]

"I'm going to do what I love and live."

The blog of the former worker who earned 50 million yen a year in the net business and became free

No education, no skills, no funds, no network
Net business worked to escape from the current situation
I'm enjoying my life with a life that's not tied to anyone

Free Blog:

[Paid content]1 Imported content in Thailand: Thailand ImportEd Blue Ocean Business (Kazu)(2) Consulting plan: TIMC (Mr. Kazu)

"This is recommended" of the staff Jyo!
Speaking of Mr. Thailand import after all, it is Kazu!He is also my master of importing Thailand.I summarized my recommended points about Thai import in the article.The recommended flow is to learn about importing Thailand with one content.It is.The content alone is enough to learn about Imports of Thailand, and I earn enough money to live on the Content + Thailand Tour!
Odamari-san [OEM/ODM/Resale]

My name is Mari Oda, a former nurse and mother of four children.
My second son and third son had a congenital illness, and it became difficult to work as a nurse.I want to do a job that I can do at home, and work that is worth it!It was Chinese import that started.

Imports in China, which started with resale, gradually improved, and after working as an OEM, we are now doing ODM.In the third year of importing in China, we have become a corporation, and now we are focusing on ODM (making our products from scratch).We also provide sales consulting services for resale, OEM and ODM, taking advantage of our experience in importing China.Currently, I do ODM in Japan, challenge crowdfunding, and "enrich my life!"With the motto, we are challenging more and more things that seem to be fun.

Free Blog: Former Nurse 4 Children's Mother Odamari's China Import Blog (Ms. Mari Oda)

"This is recommended" of the staff Jyo!
I started the import business because I read the blog of T-zo-san, a Western import practitioner, and received a consultation.After that, I learned about imports in Europe and the United States, imports in China, domestic manufacturers, ebay imports, and imports in Thailand, and now I am settled in Chinese imports and Thai imports.And at one point, Mr. Odamari introduced me on the edge that I was allowed to support the revival of the Amazon account.She is a housewife teacher who is a mother of four children and is a great teacher who is practicing OEM cancer while raising her child (I think she is probably quick to turn her head.In particular, it is super recommended for those who are interested in OEM in the sideline and housewives!I think you can learn how to use your time and your business mind.

What is China Import Agency "Sei"?

Since 2017, Makoto, a trading company for large and small and medium-sized enterprises that export processed wood products from China to the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., has been established as its main product. Under the joint operation of Discovery LLC (Japan Corporation), which has a reputation for e-commerce business including retail business on the Internet, we started providing import agency services for sole proprietors and startup companies.

China Import Agency "Sein" is an import agency that can handle a wide range of practical level tiers, from beginners to intermediate and advanced chinese imports, and (2) all sales methods such as "OEM, ODM, simple resale, and no inventory".In fact, we have packaged the know-how and web system that we have operated while improving ourselves many times on our own so far to make it easy for all users to use.

There are many import agents, but there are not many agents operated by a local subsidiary in China (not individuals or sole proprietors) with a solid mother base.In addition, we constantly update our know-how based not only on our own achievements and experience, but also the results of all who are using this agency (specifically, reflect the opinions we received in the system, etc.), and operate them with a sense of speed in mind.It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an import agency in China that is made up by everyone in the progress now.

There is no doubt that the era of globalization will continue to accelerate and move forward.In order to continue to be an import agency that can always receive support from users, as long as the country of China does not disappear, China import agency "Sei" will make every effort to become the No. 1 import agent in the support industry.Only The Chinese import agency "Sincere" can feel the sense of speed and sincerity.

It is cheap or bad with a price emphasis, it is difficult to understand the price plan, or inspection fee is charged even if you do not inspect at all, or you are tax evasion, if china import agency "sincere", there is no such thing first!We will make everything clear and respond with sincerity.There is a part that is difficult to convey easily in words.By all means, please feel free to contact our representative.We will answer you openly with everything open.

We are looking forward to seeing as many Chinese import practitioners as possible.

We have you use it for such a person.
  • The consultant's teacher recommended it for me.
  • I heard that everything from order to delivery is fast.
  • I was looking for an agent that could be sent directly to the customer without stock resale.
  • I only wanted to use the transfer
  • I wanted you to introduce me to a factory of apparel products.
  • I was looking for an agent with a low commission.
  • It was the first time for me to refund a defective item.
  • There was a limit to the negotiation and the fee when it was an individual's agency.
  • I was looking for an ok agency that bundled the product of the stock-free
  • Amazon deliveries from planning to shipping
  • I thought that the shipping cost in China would always cost 15 yuan, but I didn't know that there were actually a lot of 0 yuan.
  • I was surprised that communication was free to make calls besides chat.
  • 15 yuan is the cheapest ever with no inventory agency fee included in the inspection

Many questions these days

How do I order?
We receive orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with our agency-only web ordering system.
Can I send it directly to the end user if I use it in stock?
Yes.It can be sent directly to the specified delivery destination (end user).
Will there be tariffs?
If the total taxable price exceeds 10,000 yen, or if the product itself, such as leather goods, is subject to taxation, a customs tariff will be charged.For more information, please refer to the Customs website.
What is the lead time from order to delivery?
In the case of stock, it is about 7 days after our shipment, and in the case of no stock, it is about 5 days from our shipment.It depends on the timing of the payment, the distribution, the degree of customs clearance, and the amount of shipment once.
Can you introduce me to an OEM factory?
Yes.We introduce factories that match the products you request, including our affiliated apparel factories.It is also possible to contact the factory designated by the user.

How to view chinese online shops

Laws, systems and application methods



「中国輸入代行 誠」をご利用頂くことで、きっと今あなたがお悩みの問題が解決できるはず。当社には、検品所出身のエキスパートや日本の大手企業出身のSEが多数在籍しております。そして何よりも、いつも「誠」の気持ちで誠意をもってお客様のご要望に耳を傾けております。「できないと言う前にまずはやってみる。」これができるのは「誠」だけです。